A great future starts with trees—BIG trees.

Redwoods and Sequoias for the Pacific Northwest

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Planting giant trees can help fight climate change for a thousand years...

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PropagationNation is a nonprofit working with folks like you to bring redwoods and sequoias to the Northwest.

Ralph Munro at Earth Day 4-20-18

We propagate, distribute, and help people plant saplings across the region. Think “Johnny Appleseed,” but for big, big trees!

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Redwoods and sequoias are amazing at fighting climate change—each can remove up to 250 tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

PropagationNation is a generational movement to renew the environment by planting giant trees in the Northwest.

At PropagationNation, we believe, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." We are moved by these words to propagate not just any tree, but two very special species of trees that used to be found here in the Pacific Northwest, many many generations ago.

These trees have unique and amazing qualities - check out our resources page to learn more!

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Experience PNW redwoods from the sky!

A question we are often asked is whether redwoods will survive outside their current range, and the answer is they are thriving here! Using drone imagery, PropagationNation produced an informative storymap about a redwood planting located near Olympia, WA.


"Having seen the Coast Redwoods of California, and the Giant Sequoias in the Sierra Nevada mountains, I was immediately drawn to PropagationNation's mission to incorporate redwoods and sequoias into—and back into—suitable habitats in the Greater Pacific Northwest."


Ted Lagreid
Volunteer and Advisor

"[PropagationNation] will create a model that other organizations can replicate. They are leading the way. They are the example that we need to follow. Everybody has a special way of making a difference to ensure a healthy environment for the future; this is theirs."

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Luanne Brown
Author, Volunteer, and Advocate

PropagationNation has facilitated the planting of redwoods and sequoias in communities all over western Washington!

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