Sam Smith Park, Seattle, WA

Sam Smith Park, Seattle, WA

Arbor Day, October 14, 2017 – Seattle’s Sam Smith Park

Larry Gossett, King County Councilman, was the featured speaker at Seattle’s Arbor Day planting of 20 trees at Sam Smith Park on Oct 14, 2017.

Climate Justice Ambassador, Sierra Gersdorf-Duncan, spoke at the Arbor Day event on behalf of Plant for the Planet.

Joey Jacobowitz, also a Climate Justice Ambassador with Plant for the Planet, spoke to the gathering as well.

After the speakers were done talking, people rolled up their sleeves and started planting trees. Ten large incense cedars were planted and ten much smaller coast redwood saplings were planted. This was the first of ten incense cedars to go into the ground.

Young Climate Justice Ambassadors from Plant for the Planet focused on planting the smaller redwood saplings. This tree has just been removed from its pot and will soon be put into the ground.


Now mulch has been added. Let’s go plant another.

Another tree getting attention from young Climate Justice Ambassadors from Plant for the Planet.

Michael Foster, founder of Seattle’s chapter of Plant for the Planet, has the attention of a number of the folks attending the Arbor Day event at Sam Smith Park on Oct 14, 2017.

Michael Foster conveying some of his knowledge of tree planting to young Climate Justice Ambassadors.

The focus of everyone is on the redwood sapling that Michael Foster is talking about.

Here is an eager group of Climate Justice Ambassadors.

Just getting started on a new hole to plant a tree. Many hands, and shovels, make light work.

Young tree planters pleased with their work.

Making sure the trees are adequately mulched.

Michael Foster, humorously putting a face on King County’s Million Tree campaign.

The finished product – a redwood sapling planted, mulched and surrounded by protective fencing.

A few of the ten redwoods shaped in an oval grove can be seen in Sam Smith Park adjacent to Martin Luther King Way in Seattle.


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