Where to Plant Sequoias

How to Choose a Planting Site for Giant Sequoias

Want to plant a giant sequoia? The earth will thank you—that is, if you have a suitable planting site for your future carbon buster.

Remember, giant sequoias are not the same as coast redwoods: Each tree has different requirements to thrive, and what works for one might not work for another.

Sequoya seedling

Use our checklist below to decide if you have the right spot to plant a giant sequoia.

Ideal site characteristic Explanation
Full sunGiant sequoias cannot tolerate shade at any life stage. Make sure no nearby large trees or obstructions will compete with the sequoia for sunlight
Lightly moist, well-drained soilsUnlike coast redwoods, sequoias are accustomed to our summer droughts and are not in need of consistent access to moisture throughout the dry season. However, additional summer watering will be needed for at least the first year or two while the tree is getting established.
Ample open spaceThese trees are giants—it’s right in the name! Plant at least 30 feet from roads, sidewalks, and foundations, and away from overhead and underground infrastructure.
Hardiness Zones 6-8Giant sequoias are more tolerant of the cold than redwoods, so you’re in luck if you live east of the Cascades!

Now that you have found a good spot for your giant sequoia, it’s time to plant! See our blog post on How to Plant a Tree to ensure your sequoia gets a great start.

If you’ve determined that your site is not suitable for a giant sequoia, don’t give up! Perhaps a coast redwood could work instead. See our blog post about How to Choose a Planting Site for Coast Redwoods to find out.

Happy planting!