Volunteer with us!


Do you love giant trees? Would you like to put your passion to work in a tangible way to renew the environment?


PropagationNation needs volunteer ambassadors to propel our movement to renew the environment through assisted migration of redwoods and sequoias.


Ambassadors are people who like to talk about the importance of trees. Using email, phone calls, one-on-one meetings, and casual presentations to small groups, ambassadors talk to people who are already interested in what we do. We provide the contacts, and the ambassador does the on the ground outreach.


Training and support is provided. Ambassadors are part of a coordinated team.


Would you like to know more? Email info@propagationnation.us.


Occasionally, there are other volunteer opportunities including repotting groups, tree sales, technology and administration needs, social media, working with schools, tree care, photography, grant seeking, board membership, accounting, et cetera.


Tell us how you see yourself in this movement. Welcome!