Sammamish, WA

Sammamish, WA

Ten coast redwood saplings were delivered to Sammamish on January 12, 2017.

MLK Day at Ebright Creek Park – Jan 16, 2017

“Thanks to all the volunteers who came out today to honor the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by participating in a day of community service. Besides removing the usual blackberries and mulching our plants, we had the joy of participating in a special tree planting event. An arborist in Michigan, David Milarch, leads Archangel Ancient Tree Archive to continue working towards his vision of replanting the earth with the genetics of the world’s remaining ancient forests before they disappear. Currently, only 5% of these ancient coast redwood trees are still alive in CA. and southern OR. In 2013, he took cuttings from basal sprouts of coast redwood tree stumps in CA and brought them into his green house and propagated them via cloning. The results are 300 coast redwoods that he recently donated to 26 communities in the Seattle area. All have the same genetic material of the “mother” stump. Sammamish was able to receive 10. 7 were planted today at Ebright Creek Park and later this week when the rest of the ground thaws, the remaining 3 will be planted together in the park. They have the potential to live 3,000 years or more and grow 4′ wide in 50 years. A post will follow with a great 10 min video about the project and further details.”

Planting redwood saplings on MLK Day at Ebright Creek Park in Sammamish, Jan 16, 2017.

Redwood saplings waiting to be planted.

Each redwood has a tag with a name indicating the mother tree it came from.

One of the trees planted today came from this stump.

Another came from this stump.

Making sure the tree is planted at the correct depth.

Planting the redwoods.

Cages were added to help protect them from deer.

Four coast redwoods were planted at this location in the park to form a grove.

Success getting through the sod! They asked us to document the height at planting and the GPS coordinates.

And a big thanks to the wheelbarrow crew who delivered the mulch from the front parking lot to the back of the park . . . that’s quite a distance!

Elby Jones, our awesome city volunteer coordinator for our restoration projects.

What a Great Day! So much was accomplished! Thanks everybody!

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